The right scent for your business FRAGRANCES

Below is our full list of fragrances. You will need to check your local franchise to see what fragrances they offer.


  • An earthy blend with a touch of sweet
  • A healing, healthy connotation intended to communicate well-being to your visitors
  • Light and clean.  Heralds the changing temperatures and welcomes the new
  • Light and easy.  Mildly sweet
  • Brewed just like you love it!  The aroma of Green Tea leaves steeped to perfection
  • Fresh, cut Aloe added to the clean feel of Spring


  • Simple.  Sweet.  The pure essence of vine-ripened summer fruit.
  • Everything you'd expect in a summer fragrance.  This fragrance is the perfect blend of sun-ripened garden strawberries smothered in sweet cream mom is known for.
  • Red berry bonanza!  If you can think of a red berry, it's included in this amazing blend of mouth-watering, vine-ripened favorites!
  • Fresh sliced mango. A summer favorite.
  • Sweet delicious and obvious. A crowd pleaser.
  • A classic blend of red berries that speak to summer memories.
  • A delightful, sweet fragrance
  • A mix of tropical fruits without coconut
  • A summery, sunny scent and conjures up happy memories of summer break as a kid
  • The most festive fragrance in this family. Smells exactly like a pineapple
  • A beach vacation
  • A tropical blend of pineapple, coconut and mango
  • A crisp blend of freshly peeled cucumber blended with subtle hints of melon
  • A light, airy fragrance with reminders of a beach vacation with coconut and rum
  • Orchard Fresh, our apple fragrance is classic.
  • A blend of summer Orange and smooth Vanilla.


  • Traditional beverage with a slice of orange simmering on the stove
  • Everything you love about a Pecan Pie fresh from the oven
  • Warm, rich blends of the pumpkin and spice you love when the leaves turn colors
  • That rich, warm fragrance of stove-top cider prepared for a family gathering
  • A warm, mouth-watering rendition of what you love right from the oven
  • Butterscotch and nutmeg. Warm and calm
  • Earthy, crisp notes with nuances of evergreen


  • Mom's apple pie right out of the oven!  This premium fragrance is a year-round pleaser but is especially popular when the seasons change and the temperature drops
  • Earthy and woodsy tones of fresh evergreen coupled with an aromatic resinous exuded by winter trees and shrubs
  • So sweet and oh, so yummy.  Takes you back to the holiday seasons of your childhood
  • Sweet and fragrant blend of Mexican vanilla, cane sugar and maple syrup.
  • Cloves and tones of a sliced orange simmering in cider on your stove
  • Your office will smell like a Christmas tree all season!
  • All the fragrances of the holidays without any notes of a Christmas tree
  • The cheerful feel of the holidays with subtle berry undertones
  • A subtle, warm fragrance perfect for the professional office.


  • We sought out an exotic vanilla, like the pure vanilla extract from Mexico, and blended it with our tropical grapefruit to create this top-performing, custom fragrance.
  • Imagine stealing away to the place of your dreams and being attended to in every detail.  Upscale.  Peaceful.  Refined.
  • A pleasant fragrance with hints of lemon and clove. It is ideal for rest rooms, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, etc. where certain odors are more prevalent
  • A strong burst of citrus. Smells surprisingly like the beverage. Great for fitness centers and locker rooms
  • For those who love mint, this is a strong, minty fragrance.
  • Sandlewood the way you like it
  • Strong, clean
  • A clean, fresh fragrance
  • Moderately citrus
  • A clean, wind-blown feel with a mix of beach and sea
  • Fresh with a hint of mint and meadow with no floral tones
  • Exclusive to the Florida Keys, our key lime fragrance draws from the distinct notes found from limes native to this region.
  • Inspired by the pink grapefruit of Southern Florida.  We created this fragrance to provide a simple, tropical solution for our customers who want an invigorating olfactory experience without complexity.
  • Rich and tart
  • The clean, sun-dried smell of broadcloth
  • A unique blend of Dill and Citrus that compliments any fitness center
  • Crisp and clean with an undertone of sun-dried linen
  • A refreshing blend of Orange, Key Lime and Fresh Lemon
  • Neutralizes and absorbs odors like our others but without a fragrance component.  Perfect for "Fragrance Free" zones


  • Dark, woodsy tone combined with hints of exotic botanical notes.
  • A fascinating blend of tart, green apples with freshly cut oak.  This unique combination of woodsy, natural fragrances is topped off with a hint of Lavender.
  • The blend of a  rain-washed meadow swept by a gentle post-storm breeze that is harmonized by the natural cleansing effects of nature.
  • The soft, refined fragrance of brewed White Tea
  •  A soft, sweet fragrance with a feeling of the South
  • A light, easy blend of island fragrances
  • Clean, beachy, wind-blown notes with undertones of sea oats.
  • An earthy blend of three distinct fragrances.  One can smell each fragrance tone individually in this creative blend
  • Conveys a sense of health and vitality
  • Exotic musk that blends well with any professional setting
  • A warm, intimate fragrance that conjures images of morning gatherings with family in the kitchen or old friends in a cafe.  Available in a Dark Roast or Caramel Latte
  • A smooth, delightful blend that delivers exactly likes its name suggests
  • A sweet, delicious blend of cinnamon and creamy icing


  • A complex blend of freshly brewed green tea infused with a touch of lemongrass.
  • A rich, masculine cologne fragrance perfect for any area intended to communicate confidence.
  • Classic and simple. A perfect vanilla.
  • Universally accepted by male and female, this embodies the pure vanilla extract found in Mexico
  • A friend fragrance:  Reminiscent of those Saturday mornings at the corner coffee shop connecting with your friends.
  • Perfect for a Western Wear outlet, Lobby with a Southwest decor, or Leather Apparel retailer
  • Subtle, woody, vanilla scent with jasmine and green nuances.
  • A customer favorite


  • Our Desert Jasmine but infused with additional notes of sweet fun designed to “Jazz” it up a bit.
  • Invokes a familiar floral scent and is taken from the Provence region of France.  Enjoy our soothing, sweet aromatic fragrance that encourages a feeling of calm and tranquility.
  • Inspired by the Oleceae family of flowers, our Jasmine is strong, sweet scented and exactly what you would expect from a true Jasmine.
  • Native to Hawaii, each island has its own unique species. If you know this flower, you will love this fragrance!
  • A blend of native jasmine from India with hints of African ylang.
  • Right out of the rural south, this honeysuckle is true to those who know the experience of plucking this flower and pulling the stamen from the petals.
  • If you know this flower you will love this fragrance!