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1140 US Hwy 287, Ste 400 #300 Broomfield, CO 80020

Miranda & Anthony Rossi

Each Franchise is independently owned and operated and is a licensed franchise of Fresh Aire Franchise, LLC

Fragrances We Offer

Scent choice is as individual as you are! Therefore, we have assembled many unique and popular fragrances, some which are our own proprietary blends, for you to choose from.

  • Fresh, cut Aloe added to the clean feel of Spring
  • Mom's apple pie right out of the oven!  This premium fragrance is a year-round pleaser but is especially popular when the seasons change and the temperature drops
  • A unique blend of Dill and Citrus that compliments any fitness center
  • All the fragrances of the holidays without any notes of a Christmas tree
  • A tropical blend of pineapple, coconut and mango
  • An earthy blend of three distinct fragrances.  One can smell each fragrance tone individually in this creative blend
  • A clean, wind-blown feel with a mix of beach and sea
  • Neutralizes and absorbs odors like our others but without a fragrance component.  Perfect for "Fragrance Free" zones
  • Warm, rich blends of the pumpkin and spice you love when the leaves turn colors
  • A summery, sunny scent and conjures up happy memories of summer break as a kid
  • A friend fragrance:  Reminiscent of those Saturday mornings at the corner coffee shop connecting with your friends.
  • A complex blend of freshly brewed green tea infused with a touch of lemongrass.
  • Incredibly effective against odors caused by cigarettes and other tobacco products. It has a nondescript new car/new carpet fragrance with a touch of cinnamon.
  • Universally accepted by male and female, this embodies the pure vanilla extract found in Mexico
  • We sought out an exotic vanilla, like the pure vanilla extract from Mexico, and blended it with our tropical grapefruit to create this top-performing, custom fragrance.
  • The soft, refined fragrance of brewed White Tea
  • Earthy and woodsy tones of fresh evergreen coupled with an aromatic resinous exuded by winter trees and shrubs

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Fresh Aire of Northern Colorado enjoys providing scent marketing tools for businesses across the northern parts of the state. From restrooms to HVAC units we can fragrance any area large or small. As a family owned company we take pride in providing the best possible service and cultivating personal relationships throughout the business community.

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