8/12/17 Franchiser Announcing Upcoming Book Release

Pre-order now! Expected Printing Winter 2017
Pre-order now! Expected Printing Winter 2017

Pre-order now!  Ed Winkler is offering a unique opportunity to support in the creation and publishing of this book.  With your pre-order of $40.00 you will receive a signed and numbered, limited-edition "Author's Copy" in hardback.  He realizes that many will want to support him in his project but that for some it will be a hardship at $40.00.  An alternative way to support is to purchase a first-run copy in hardback for $29.00. This copy will not be numbered but it will be signed.




Franchiser Ed Winkler deployed on less than a week's notice with 168 Oregon Soldiers from Bravo Company 1-162 Infantry, Oregon National Guard.  He conducted a variety of missions in Kuwait and Iraq including 91 days of combat operation starting in August 2003 just south of Baghdad.


This war journal provides seldom revealed insight and perspective on the thoughts and feelings of a Mormon responsible for the men in his light infantry company as well as for the responsibility to stop insurgent attacks along a section of the main supply route into Baghdad from Kuwait.


He left behind in Oregon his wife, Brenda, two small children (Chase - 6, Ryann - 3) and unknown to both he and his wife, new life growing inside of her.


Read about the challenges of leading men in combat while his wife raises children, manages the business and deals with her own debilitating health issues resulting from the stress of knowing her husband is in harms way.


What started out as an attempt to document his experience, feelings and emotions of being on a distant battlefield has turned into an amazing history that all Americans can relate to.


How to Purchase: 

- Call direct at 503.624.7807 and Brenda will take your card information.  

www.PayPal.com. Use email faaf.inc@gmail.com for your payment.  Be sure to include your name, complete address and email.  We will know you are buying the book!


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Commercial Fragrancing and Deodorizing by Fresh Aire

West Linn Business Sells the Sweet Scent of Success

Ed and Brenda Winkler's company provides air fresheners for any office to create a unique atmosphere

Air freshener scents such as honeysuckle, apple jack and cinnamon, once relegated to restrooms, are now wafting through hotels, bank lobbies and apartment buildings throughout the Portland metropolitan area.

Ed Winkler and his wife, Brenda, started West Linn-based Fresh Aire Air Fresheners in their home as a side business in 1995. This year, Fresh Aire, which installs and services air freshener machines, is projected to garner nearly $500,000 in sales, and the company recently expanded into Utah.

"Just about every industry is represented in our customer base," Winkler says, offering a Piña Colada-scented card in his West Linn garage where he stores supplies. "It's about first impressions. When a customer walks into a business, there's great furniture, people are dressed nice, maybe there's even some music being piped in. (A fragrance) helps add to a great impression."

The air fresheners come in a rectangular box about the size of a small milk carton. Inside, wicks soak up liquid scent from a small cup, and a battery-operated fan circulates the fragrance. Of Fresh Aire's 30 scents, the most popular are pineapple, mulberry and mango.

The company's monthly service costs about $8 per machine on average. Winkler calculates that he installs about 95 percent of his machines in business areas other than restrooms. He usually installs about four per business.

It's one of those businesses where people scratch their heads and say, ‘I could have thought of that,'" Winkler says.

Sales of fragrance products in the United States have grown steadily in recent years. Retail sales totaled $2.94 billion in 2003, an increase of about 6 percent over 2001 sales of $2.77 billion, according to the most recent figures from market research publisher Packaged Facts, a division of market Research.com.

That growth has helped Winkler's company. "A lot of businesses were purchasing the Glade Plug-In," Winkler says, "but they were finding they are not even close to as effective as what we are doing, and what we offer costs only a little bit more.         

Fresh Aire is the biggest Oregon-based air-freshener company, Winkler says, and he works with four other companies that sell similar air fresheners around the state. He orders all their products for them, to cut shipping costs. "My opinion is that there's enough business in the area for everyone," he says.         

Winkler, a major with the Oregon National Guard, says he is less friendly with his biggest competitor, the Washington-based janitorial supply company Pacific Breeze Products. While Winkler was deployed in Iraq and Kuwait a year ago, he lost some customers to Pacific Breeze. His biggest challenge has been winning them back.        

His main sales strategy has been to keep his staff consistent. The relationships the service people have built with clients paid off, he said, helping Fresh Aire earn back business. Winkler says he now has as many clients as before his deployment.         

I would ask (a prospective customer), ‘How many different service people have you seen this year (servicing a competitor's machines)?" Winkler says. "My customers like seeing the same vendors."         

Winkler came up with the idea for his business while working with his father-in-law's janitorial business. His father-in-law was providing the air fresheners in restrooms and Winkler wondered whether there would be a market for them in other rooms.         

He and his wife started the business to supplement their income, but it's now a full-time job, with 2,000 clients in Oregon and Utah.         
For the past four years, the lobby at Edward Jones, an investment securities firm in West Linn, has been scented with honeysuckle.         

"Everybody who walks in the door says it smells so good," says Al Crooks, an investment representative. "It's nice that it doesn't smell like any other office."
February 27, 2005

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