Growing up, our mothers always told us that if "something is too good to be true, it usually is."  On some levels, this addage seems to apply to the Fresh Aire Franchise opportunity.  Initially, our concerns were: 1) The profit margin seems high for the amount of the work involved; 2) Does the town where we live have enough businesses to support this type of service (population of about 30,000 plus outlying communities); 3) Will people want this service with the way the economy is?; 4) Does the cost of the franchise justify its expense?; 5) How do we know that Ed and Brenda Winkler are who they say they, and their business, are? 

Yet, this opportunity still appealed to us for many reasons.  We have been business owners in the past and desired to have a business where we could set our own hours and work our own schedules.  We liked that we could keep the business smaller so that we wouldn't have to hire employees if we didn't want to.  We liked the price. 

Through the course of phone discussions with Ed, Brenda, and Kris (their national sales director), all our questions were patiently answered and all our concerns were addressed.  However, we still had reservations.  As we have family that lives in the Portland area, we decided to go visit before spending our money.  Ed and Kris took us around to different clients and let us ask questions, observe how the business works, and put our concerns to rest.  After spending a morning we were convinced that this franchise had potential for our locale. 

We spent the next five days with Ed, Brenda, and Kris training in the Portland area.  (Be prepared for a VERY full week without a lot of extra free time!)  We learned the operations of the business and the nuances of salesmanship.  We also enjoyed getting to know the Winklers as well as Kris and her family.

To make the story short and sweet, suffice it to say that our expectations have been exceeded - far and away!  Our initial goal was to place 300 air fresheners in the first year of business.  After only one month of business, we had placed 120 fresheners.  We even had to take a few "sales days" off of work to wait for our next order of air fresheners to arrive! 

We have seen first hand that our location is poised for such a business as Fresh Aire Air Fresheners, even in "this economic climate."  The potential for growth is obvious and, at this point, we have more business and sales leads than we ever would have imagined.  We are excited to realize that this could easily become a full time occupation (initally, we had looked at the business as a way to supplement our current income/occupation).  It does require "elbow grease" and we have discovered that for us, this means more than one day a week of work.  There is client follow-up and fine tuning that is required for happy customers.

We are exceptionally thankful that we made the choice to purchase this franchise.  We never would have been successful in this venture without the support of Fresh Aire and Ed & Brenda.  The Winklers are easy to work with - they are flexible, receptive to new ideas, and great people!  And to top it off, everything is just as they said it would be.  Rest assured that Ed and Brenda are giving you accurate, complete and honest information about the Fresh Aire franchise.  There has not been one unpleasant surprise along the way. 

Compare this franchise to any other option available where you create your own schedule and own your own business.  Then decide for yourself.  You will quickly recognize that for the value for your money, you won't find a better deal!

Kent & Tosha Bos
Fresh Aire of Bozeman, MT