Franchise Business Opportunities

We offer franchise business opportunities with Fresh Aire.  Our vision behind this company was to create a business for a stay-at-home mom (Brenda, in this case).

The model we settled on in 1995 was a 300 dispenser business.  This worked perfectly and required less than full-time work per week and about 16 square feet of space to store product.  That's when she came home. Our first child was born 12 months later!

Since those early days, we have perfected the marketing approach, streamlined the operations by writing custom, web-based software to manage day-to-day customer support, and grown to a staff of 15 without moving out of our home office.

We have built a solid business and wide customer base by thinking long-term and displaying a sincere easy-going, flexible attitude toward our customers.

"We're so flexible you can fold us in half!" is a common phrase heard by our customers as they ask about fragrance changes or mid-cycle services for a property inspection. We truly act like we are not hungry for business and that we are easy to do business with.

The most difficult aspect of this business is actually selling an air freshener.  But if you have the desire and the commitment , then we will share with you our simple, easy to learn and very powerful 7-step sales approach that has proven results.  We reveal what is most important in this business and most people are surprised to find out what that is.

It is our hope as you join our business family that whether you stay small or grow large that your quality of life is greatly improved as you capture new found moments with your spouse and children!