Current Deodorizing Fragrances Available

Scent choice is as individual as you are! Therefore, we have assembled over 80 unique and popular fragrances, some which are our own proprietary blends, for you to choose from. You can even select from a line of Green Certified fragrances for just $1.00 more per diffuser or our exotic line for just $3.00 more per diffuser.

Change fragrances as often as you like!  Fragrances are best grouped together into "families".

Benefits of Fragrances from Fresh Aire

Seasonal Family



 Cinnamon - A subtle, warm fragrance perfect for the professional office.

 CinnaSpiceStrong notes of Cinnamon and Spice with nuances of nutmeg

 HollyberryThe cheerful feel of the holidays with subtle berry undertones

 Holiday Home - All the fragrances of the holidays with a perceptible undertone of Christmas tree.

 Orange Frosty - A blend of fresh Orange and warm Vanilla wrapped in powdery snow.

 Peppermint - Strong and obvious:  a candycane delight!

 Pine - Your office will smell like a Christmas tree all season!

 Spiced Apple Cider - Cloves and tones of a sliced orange simmering in cider on your stove

 Sugar Cookie - Sweet and fragrant blend of Mexican vanilla and can sugar

 Sugar Plum - So sweet and oh, so yummy.  Takes you back to the holiday seasons of your childhood!

 Winter Fir & Balsam - Earthy and woodsy tones of fresh evergreen coupled with an aromatic resinous exuded by various trees and shrubs



 Aloe Blossom - Fresh, cut Aloe added to the clean feel of Spring

 Green Tea - Brewed just like you love it!  The aroma of Green Tea leaves steeped to perfection.

 Melon - Light and easy.  Mildly sweet.

 Springtime - Light and clean.  Heralds the changing temperatures and welcomes the new!

 White Tea & Aloe - A healing, healthy connotation intended to communicate well-being to your visitors.

 Woodlands - An earthy blend with a touch of sweet.



 Green Apple - Light, crisp and tangy.

 Creamy Caribbean - A light, airy fragrance with reminders of a beach vacation with coconut and rum

 Cucumber Melon - A crisp blend of freshly peeled cucumber blended with subtle hints of melon.

 Island Breeze - A tropical blend of pineapple, coconut and mango.  

 Mango - A customer favorite!

 Piña Colada - A beach vacation!

 Pineapple - The most festive fragrance in this family. Smells exactly like a pineapple!  

 Raspberry - A summery, sunny scent and conjures up happy memories of summer break as a kid.

 Tropicana - A mix of tropical fruits without coconut.

 Verri Berry - A strong mix of berries.  Our strongest fragrance!



 Autumn Leaves - Earthy, crisp notes with nuances of green.

 Fall Harvest - Butterscotch and nutmeg. Warm and calm!

 Gingerbread - A warm, mouth-watering rendition of what you love right from the oven
 Mulled Cider - That rich, warm fragrance of stove-top cider prepared for a family gathering.

 Pumpkin Spicecake - Warm, rich blends of the pumpkin and spice you love when the leaves turn colors!

 Warm & Nutty - Everything you love about a Pecan Pie fresh from the oven.

 Wassail - Traditional beverage with a slice of orange simmering on the stove.



Exotic Family

These fragrances are intended for the owners and managers of upscale boutiques, professional offices and showrooms where appearance, sound and fragrance blend together to create a unique experience for the discriminating shopper, client or patient.  They run slightly higher in pricing than our other families of fragrances.


Cinnamon Buns - A sweet, delicious blend of cinnamon and creamy icing.

Coconut Lemongrass - A smooth, delightful blend that delivers exactly likes its name suggests.

Coffee - A warm, intimate fragrance that conjures images of morning gatherings with family in the kitchen or old friends in a cafe.  Available in a Dark Roast or Caramel Latte.

Egyptian Musk - Exotic musk that blends well with any professional setting.

Green Tea - Lemon Grass - Conveys a sense of health and vitality.

Lavender-Apple-Oak - An earthy blend of three distinct fragrances.  One can smell

each fragrance tone individually in this creative blend.

Ocean Breeze - Clean, beachy windblown fragrances with undertones sea oats.

Passion Fruit & Melon - A light, easy blend of island fragrances

Sweet Comfort - A soft, sweet fragrance with a feeling of the South!

White Tea - The soft, refined fragrance of brewed White Tea.









Year-Round Family

These fragrances can be used anytime, anywhere!


Asian Garden - Powerful woody vanilla scent with jasmine and green nuances.

Cherry Candy - Sweet and strong.

Leather - Perfect for a Western Wear outlet, Lobby with a Southwest decor, or Leather Apparel retailer.

Mango - A customer favorite!

Odorless - Neutralizes and absorbs odors like our others but without a fragrance component.  Perfect for "Fragrance Free" zones.

Roasted Hazelnut Vanilla - A "Girlfriend" fragrance:  Reminiscent of those Saturday mornings at the corner coffee shop connecting with your girlfriends!

Vanilla - Universally accepted by male and female, this embodies the pure vanilla extract found in Mexico.

Clean Family

Citrus Blast - A refreshing blend of Orange, Key Lime and Fresh Lemon.

Cool Breeze - Crisp and clean with an undertone of sun-dried linen.

Energize - A unique blend of Dill and Citrus that compliments any fitness center.

Fresh Laundry - The clean, sun-dried smell of broadcloth.

Fresh Lemon - Rich and tart.


Key Lime

Mountain Aire - Fresh with a hint of mint and meadow with no floral tones.

Mulberry - A delightful, sweet fragrance.
Ocean Wave 
- A clean, wind-blown feel with a mix of beach and sea.

Orange - Moderately citrus
- A clean, soapy fragrance.

Sierra Springs - Strong, clean.

Smooth Sandlewood Breeze - Sandlewood the way you like it!

Spearmint - For those who love mint, this is a strong, minty fragrance.

Sunny Delight - A strong burst of citrus. Smells surprisingly like the beverage. Great for fitness centers and locker rooms.
Zero - A pleasant fragrance with hints of lemon and clove. It is ideal for rest rooms, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, etc. where certain odors are more prevalent.

Floral Family






Cigarette Odors

Smoke Away - Incredibly effective against odors caused by cigarettes and other tobacco products. It has a nondescript new car/new carpet fragrance with a touch of cinnamon.

One Time Odor Issues

The Odor Bomb - This fogger gets into every nook and cranny. It is perfect for a vacant house or apartment where cigarette, pet or food odors are lingering. Dispense the entire can and leave the space sealed up for 24 hours. A typical apartment requires two cans. Houses are typically one can per room or area.

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